Results and activities

RESULT 1: Enhanced conditions for the development of beekeeping and the production of healthy food in the border area.

Activities contributing to achieving result 1:

A1.1 Consulting-advisory support

A1.2. Preparation and publications relating to beekeeping

A1.3. Public advocacy for increasing support to beekeeping by the local authorities

A1.4. Analysis of honey samples and the procurement of necessary medication

A1.5. Education of fruit growers and a campaign for safe fruit spraying


RESULT 2: Enhanced beekeeper cooperation in the border areas through the transfer of knowledge and experience and learning the examples of good practice.

Activities contributing to achieving result 2:

A2.1. Organization of a beekeeping excursion for beekeepers from MNE to SER

A2.2. Organization of a mentor visit of beekeepers from SER to beekeepers in MNE

A2.3. Enhancing beekeeping access to information

A2.4. Development and implementation of good beekeeping practice standards


RESULT 3: Enhanced productivity and competitiveness of the beekeepers and created conditions for monitoring the production of healthy food.

Activities contributing to achieving result 3:

A3.1. Realization of a public selection of at least 60 beekeepers

A3.2. Procurement of equipment for enhancing productivity and competitiveness

A3.3. Selection of future mentors

A3.4. Establishment of internal procedures for respecting the “hygienic packages”


RESULT 4: Provided support to marginalized groups (youth, women, isolated rural population and ethnic minorities) in initiating their own exonomic activities for the purpose of increasing the social involvement and reduction of unemployment;

Activities contributing to achieving result 4:

A4.1. Realization of a public selection and choosing 80 beneficiaries;

A4.2. Procurement of beehives and swarms and delivery to selected beneficiaries

A4.3. Conducting mentoring for new beekeepers


RESULT 5: Efficiently promoted project, beekeeping and EU support.

 Activities contributing to achieving result 5:

A5.1. Promo conferences and media promotion

A5.2. Preparation and distribution of promo-materials relating to the action

A5.3. Organization of four beekeeping exhibitions